The benefits of working with an IT Partner

The benefits of working with IT Partners

To begin with...

We must bear in mind that no matter how much knowledge we have, there are areas that we do not master. In this sense, teams specialized in that same theme will have a much better performance than ours.

To obtain the best results, will be the addition of a specialized and trusted IT consulting to the team who will guide the course and executes it.

The planning process, establishing the basis, and scalability will make the plan more effective and sustained as the main reasons to establish an IT partnership.



3 reasons why a company needs to have an IT partner

  •  Define the IT strategy and planning:

It will be advantageous to assist and guide the organization towards the IT solutions growth most suitable to its size, scale, and applicability in your company.

IT Consulting will come up with several useful and pertinent solutions that organizations are usually not familiar with. The outlined project assists and supports business operations.

In this way, there is a security that the IT sector will ensure any inherent business goal and orientate the respective IT budgets with the corporate ones.

Combined with new security methodologies, it will play a major role in protecting the organization, preventing unnecessary costs or problems later on.

  • Increased competence and scalability:

By leveraging appropriate solutions, the IT company will meet its needs faster, incurring fewer hardware-related costs.

Scalability is particularly relevant when we talk about companies that are still in their infancy or that are expanding.

It is possible to scale servers and their infrastructure according to needs without spending too much on new hardware.

Numerous IT partners offer superior equipment and services implemented and guarantee the necessary migrations.

By avoiding the necessary expenses and wasted time on hardware acquisition it is possible to maintain software and hardware allowing all focus and concentration to be around the core business.

  • Uninterrupted support and happy customers:

Having an IT Consulting department does not dispense hiring this type of service. The knowledge it adds is always welcome and useful, avoiding hires that do not prove to be extremely necessary.

By having an IT partnership, besides specialists who guarantee to be available any day or time to solve whatever is needed, organizations benefit from a more recent, updated, and safe hardware to reduce risks.

This way there is less chance of losing data or affecting productivity due to technical problems or an inactive network.

With a good network that inspires trust, customers will be happier and more inclined to make several successful repeat businesses from good experiences and feedback.

“An IT partner brings detailed knowledge of what customers value, both in terms of soft and hard skills, to the organization.” (Hugo Ramos, Business Manager at Ytech)





What an IT partner provides to an organization

Although in the past the vision of someone who is alone and achieves results is inspiring, nowadays the fact of asking for help and establishing partnerships is seen in a different light.

There is no advantage in having those unnecessary limitations that may limit the potential based on an outdated vision or leadership resistance.

An IT consulting partner suited to the needs of the business will assist in the process of developing a plan that also structures the overall business operations by linking IT budgets to corporate budgets.

That business partnership is critical for companies to thrive. Even if we do not talk about the IT area, the vast majority of organizations depend on technology in some part because of its value and dynamism.

It is up to companies to choose the best microservices by following the development of these current models.

“The speed of response and conclusion of the process, as well as an efficient management of project costs, brings versatility in the allocation of the team to each project.” (Hugo Ramos, Business Manager at Ytech)



4 benefits of having IT solutions as a partner

When two parties enter into a partnership, it is understood that it will be advantageous for both sides, bringing together the best that each organization has.

Combining resources, experience, and innovation reveals itself as an added value.


  • technological solutions aligned with the company’s business requirements: making the organization choose the appropriate resources for specific projects at the most advantageous time to help achieve the business objectives;
  • knowledge exchange of good practices based on similar projects in terms of size and objective: external experience must be taken into account to avoid paths that may prove to be more expensive or circuitous;
  • means with experience and valuable technology: resorting to a partner with certified methods will facilitate its efficient execution;
  • taking advantage of internal IT resources by combining them with external resources to maximize talent: although it may be interesting to exploit these internal resources, even if they are of quality, they will never have the same knowledge as a specialized team that will make the investment in this collaboration worthwhile. This partner can adopt two positions, as a consultant or as an extension of the IT consulting team, ensuring project management from start to finish

“An IT Partner ensures that the organization maintains its focus”. (Rui Neves, CEO At Ytech)


To take note

  • Investment is linked to risk but these partnerships also aim to bring as few risks as possible;
  • Ensure security through IT knowledge to ensure the organization’s data is protected from cyber-attacks;
  • Spending within a budget: you can customize solutions according to your objectives and avoid obstacles. Even if the price isn’t exactly low, you can help avoid situations that cost much more;
  • A solution that adapts to the organization’s growth: through a partner, it is easy to adapt and choose services according to needs;
  • The more accurate the choice of partner, the less the company has to focus on hardware or software issues that waste time and focus on its purpose. If you are looking for a service you can check ours here.

“An IT Partner is a great asset to the organization”. (Rui Neves, CEO At Ytech)



Tips from our Business Manager Hugo Ramos for a well-balanced partnership between an IT partner and their cliente

  • personal profile definition;
  • technical profile definition;
  • align dates;
  • define a budget;
  • location / work regime;
  • service hiring model (closed projects or outsourcing consultancy).