Our strategy for 2022

organizational culture

Who are we?

Ytech is a consulting company born in 2020 with the purpose of supporting businesses by solving their biggest technological challenges. Ytech belongs to a solid group with 2200 employees providing the following tools:

Technologies: OutSystems; Mobile App Development; DevOps; Cloud Development; Java Development; Business Analyst; Project Management; QA; Blockchain; Helpdesk; IT Support.

Services:  Turnkey Projects; Blockchain; Nearshore Consulting; Cyber Security Life Science, UX/UI Design


Our predominant goal is to support and promote the success of clients and people through solutions to major technology challenges.

What is our added value? Our talent and mentoring. Ytech has a team of professionals specialized in different areas, which when concentrated gives a single result: success.

Through a collaborative relationship between Ytech and the customer, we create the most innovative, effective and fast solutions based on the intelligence, know-how and motivation of our employees. We connect clients with renowned technology consultants to make their businesses thrive through innovation and reinvention through technology services that promote the success of companies and people.



What we do

Deliver custom-build innovative technological solutions that yield enduring value

How we do it?

Global Market Trends​

We identify the most prominent services and technologies that lead clients to success by analyzing best practices across industries

Recruit Outstanding Talent​

We recruit profiles with resource to specialized IT recruiters according to their know-how, expertise and capacity to deliver

Set Priorities and Goals

We connect you to exceptional people across the globe and move your business forward with the right expertise, talent and approach



Importance of corporate culture

Each company presents its identity, values and behaviors that build its corporate culture.

Real values: The company’s values are present in all the employees who are orhave passed through Ytech.

Innovation: If the employee creates or presents an opportunity, it will be taken into consideration. Ytech supports change and promotes employee action.of the employee. Together, we seek to generate value through innovation.

Leadership: If the employee wants to express himself, he will do it. The company listens and seeks each employee’s sense of leadership, promoting easy access to the company’s management. Together we create a positive and collaborative environment.

Responsability: If the employee wants to manage his time, he will. The company focuses on project goals and not on individual management. Together, we work towards an end goal.

It is not only the leader who should “wear the jersey” but all employees considering that it will impact on the way everyone relates and produces.




Benefits of a corporate culture

Defining the corporate culture is extremely important also when it comes to attracting new talent. The fact that an organization shares ideas and values encourages its relationships to be more transparent, dynamic and to present benefits.

These are:

Improved employee relationships:

When employees share the company culture and really identify with it, relationships tend to be more positive and fruitful.

Increased sense of belonging:

When employees feel comfortable, they help the company grow, becoming more active by taking the team with them, “wearing the jersey” and embracing existing causes.

Loyal professionals:

Considering the sense of belonging, employees also tend to stay in a company for longer, there is less employee turnover, developing their careers.

More accurate talent selection:

Considering that the company culture clearly states the values of the organization, the behaviors that should be followed are obvious. Therefore recruitment is more accurate by looking for people who fit those characteristics. For this reason, the probability of hiring the right people for the job vacancies is higher, thus reducing staff turnover by passing a cultural fit test.



Outlining the strategy...

At YBP 2022 we discussed what the work strategy will be for this year 2022. In this sense, we aligned the objectives and outlined goals in order to increase revenue, grow the business (increase the volume of business with more hiring and projects in relevant clients), brand awareness (you’ll hear more about us on the streets and on digital) and internationalization (continued focus on opening horizons and retaining the best talent on a global level).



How do I set goals? What should I take into account?

The objectives within the business outline the direction the company is going to take, and these should be measurable, specific, and have a defined timeline so that all employees are aware of them and can work towards them.



How will I benefit from setting goals?

When concise goals are set there is a line that guides the personal and professional direction. This line is particularly relevant because:

  • helps motivate to complete short and long term projects
  • awareness of what is important / what is not a priority (through balancing)
  • orientates their future by reducing time spent on activities that take away from the desired outcome
  • adopting a positive attitude in order to achieve goals
  • when goals are outlined and met they help the professional gain confidence and motivate them for life