• let’s
  • admit it
  • to it:

There’s a lot of cookie-cutter solutions going around in the tech industry. What was once a supercharged creative field grew stale as it morphed into an institutionalized version of itself.

Our senior experts were there through thick and thin. Eventually, they grew tired of it. They decided it was time for a change.

And that is how

came to be.

Hélio Rodrigues Head of Business Development
Vera Maia Business Unit Manager
Marta Mota Business Manager
Henrique Gonçalves Business Manager
Alexandra Vaqueirinho Business Manager
Júlio Proença Business Manager
Natacha Baptista Business Manager
Cristiana Robalo HR Manager
Marta Bengala IT Recruiter
Diogo Goth IT Recruiter
Ivo Carvalho Marketing Manager
Catarina Leitão IT Recruiter

You do want your technology to be exciting, right?
Let’s wreak some havoc then.