• let’s
  • admit it
  • to it:

There’s a lot of cookie-cutter solutions going around in the tech industry. What was once a supercharged creative field grew stale as it morphed into an institutionalized version of itself.

Our senior experts were there through thick and thin. Eventually, they grew tired of it. They decided it was time for a change.

And that is how

came to be.

Rui Neves Executive Director

They sought the meddling tech kids brimming with defiant ideas. And joined them. All to create a new kind of beast — A team with all the know-how and expertise and none of the disbelief or conformity.

Hugo Ramos Manager Senior
Daniel Alves IT Lead
Patrícia Alves Afonso Sourcing & Recruitment Consultant
Madalena Morais Sourcing Team Leader
  • Teresa Reis Business Manager
  • Rita Duarte Sourcing & Recruitment Consultant
  • Inês Moreira Sourcing & Recruitment Consultant
  • João Castela Sourcing & Recruitment Consultant
  • Teresa Pinto Sourcing & Recruitment Consultant
  • Geórgia Wosniak Sourcing & Recruitment Consultant
  • Jéssica Facha HR Manager
  • Pedro Costa Operations Director
  • Inês Leite Marketing Manager
  • Sara Santos Marketing Designer
  • Arthur Stumpf IT Consultant
  • Frederico Libório IT Consultant
  • Lázaro Dutra IT Consultant
  • Marcelo Figueiredo IT Consultant
  • Ruben Santos IT Consultant
  • Tiago Caeiro IT Consultant
  • Victor Bilouro IT Consultant
  • Cristiano Malaquias IT Consultant
  • Hélder Freitas IT Consultant
  • Rúben Fernandes IT Consultant
  • Nélio Silva IT Consultant
  • Bruno Oliveira IT Consultant
  • Thiago de Oliveira IT Consultant
  • Vítor Savi IT Consultant
  • André Alves IT Consultant
  • Vinicius Nunes IT Consultant
  • Natália Costa IT Consultant
  • Paulo Junior IT Consultant
  • Layla Bendia IT Consultant
  • Nuno Moita IT Consultant
  • Rute Monteiro IT Consultant
  • Patrick Silva IT Consultant
  • João Pedro Furini IT Consultant
  • Vasco Pereira IT Consultant
  • Pedro Coelho IT Consultant
  • Mariana Carreiro IT Consultant
  • Gonçalo Costa IT Consultant
  • Catarina Palma IT Consultant
  • Ricardo Ponte IT Consultant

You do want your technology to be exciting, right?
Let’s wreak some havoc then.