Hackathon: the programming event of the year!


The beginning of the Hackathon

On Friday, from 10 pm until 9 am a challenging programming hackathon took place at Ytech’s office. Near 10 pm, participants were greeted with a Hackathon credential so they could write their names.




Shall we begin?

Next, they were guided by Jessica, our HR Manager, and Rita Carvalho, our HR & Communications Trainee. After they were comfortable, a brief presentation of Ytech, the event, and the hackathon instructions were given. The rules were? no rules! Each team used the languages, software, and programs they wanted.




It's time to make groups for the programming marathon!

The programming masters split into 3 groups and chose a team name. It was time to roll up our sleeves and outline a strategy to develop a game!






What can't be missed?

Throughout the event, we had lots of fun, music for all tastes, pizzas, chips, and energy drinks so that nothing was missing for our experts throughout the night.



The office was even more like Ytech! Don’t you think?




Time of truth

Around 8 am the jury assessed each team’s work and got to know the game developed. Then came the moment of truth. The jury composed of CEO Rui Neves, Business Manager Hugo Ramos and our consultant Vasco Pereira deliberated and chose a winner! All participants received a participation diploma.




And the winner of the Hackathon is...

The winning team was “No Signal”! Congratulations! They were inspired by our epic Padel video. The members of the winning team won a Fnac voucher.



We intend to have another edition of the Hackathon again soon. Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event memorable! We want to see you guys around again. 😊