Ytech is in the Happiness Works TOP 20 for the second consecutive year


We are part of the TOP 20 happiest companies to work for!

The happiness index in companies has undergone drastic changes in recent years, putting organizations in a healthy discussion about the perception of happiness among professionals.

In a study that gathered 6 796 professionals, from 123 companies, Ytech people evaluated from 1 to 5, through anonymous questionnaires, the organizational climate, their recognition and trust, their career progression, and future goals in the company.

With an overall score above average, Ytech entered the TOP 20 of Happiness Works, thus proving the positive organizational climate within our organization.

“The entire team at Ytech is immensely proud to receive the Happiness Work recognition award. Such recognitions come as validation that all the work being done in promoting the increase of happiness of our people is being highly distinguished and valued.” Inês Leite, Marketing Manager of Ytech





How important is happiness at work at Ytech?

Happiness at work is directly related to the path to success and the daily productivity of each person in their jobs. At Ytech the goal is to personalize each person’s path and wishes so that they feel motivated and happy at their workplace. Only in this way is it possible to work with pleasure and commitment, with more dedication and involvement.





How does Ytech promote happiness at work?

At Ytech we promote 3 basic premises to achieve the happiness of each employee:

  • We prioritize a relaxed work environment through various internal dynamics and initiatives;
  • We support a remote/hybrid scheme for employees, in line with their needs and ambitions;
  • We motivate constructive feedback and value good individual and collective performance.

“At Ytech career progression and training are the fundamental pillars. Only through clear and transparent feedback can we detect our people’s needs” Jéssica Facha, HR Manager of Ytech



What is it like to work at Ytech? Check out all the advantages below:

  • Recruitment and selection: Ytech has a team specialized in hiring talent based on clear standards regarding the softs and hard skills sought;
  • Training Plan: Ytech offers a training and development plan according to the employee’s/company’s objectives, in addition to the above, all employees have access to different benefits in different educational entities;
  • Career Plan: employees have a clear and ambitious career plan designed to increase the retention, commitment, and motivation of the company’s people;
  • Benefits: Ytech has partnerships in multiple sectors that offer promotions and opportunities to employees, their families and friends;
  • Performance evaluation: at Ytech there is a clear monthly feedback policy by the human resources department and those responsible for each area;
  • Team Building actions: employees create memories with the team beyond work through different events that invite the whole team;
  • Sports Events: Ytech promotes health and social interaction in a healthy competition among the team;
  • Social responsibility events: at Ytech there is a commitment to a relationship of solidarity with others through volunteer actions aimed at solving problems that affect society in general

“Ytech will always be a people-focused company. It is only through our people that I can lead a successful and constantly growing start-up. Without them, nothing of the last years would be possible to achieve. “Rui Neves, CEO of Ytech

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