Nearshore  In Three Steps In Three Steps In Three Steps In Three Steps 

You tell us what your business needs and we start working

We will find the best consultants and our nearshore team will build cocoons around your project

The consultant will work for you from our office and you’ll be seeing those tech butterflies emerge in no time.

Being Omnipresent is like -> NEARSHORE!

Yes, It is possible! Your company can be everywhere, even if you have just one office. It’s possible to make your tech dreams come true, without having to do all those annoying moving and logistic arrangements.

  • What is

    “HOW? Are the tech gods granting wishes (you might be wondering)?”No! That’s just how Nearshore works! We’ll explain.

    Nearshore is a form of outsourcing that refers to those services that are delivered from a nearby location. Meaning that your office might be located in a country, while you have a nearshore team working from another country for your projects. The Nearshore strategy is nothing more than working with an extension of your team, geographically close to your company.

    Nearshore also allows you to have more control over operational expenditures guaranteeing a series of corporate benefits like costs reduction, logistics and cultural proximity, promoting more efficient and dedicated teams.

Nearshore advantages

Well, there’s a bunch of perks for you to outsource


Choose a team with a strategic positioning and timezone.


Work with experienced state of the tech professionals.


Find more flexibility and capacity to adapt to your projects.


Work with a team, that has a close culture to yours.


Get a significant reduction in costs and time spent.


Save time with easier management of resources and careers.


You don’t have to deal with legal and labor concerns.


Focus on what really matters to your business.

nearshore in portugal 
  • What to expect


    When comparing to other European countries, Portugal has lower labor cost due to the also lower living cost in the country.


    The portuguese workforce is highly qualified. According to the IMD World Talent Ranking, Portugal IS one of the strongest workforces in the world.


    Portugal has 8 hours of daily sunshine and good climate conditions. It shares the same timezone as London and time proximity with most European countries.


    Multiculturality is in our blood. We are adaptable and used to work with other cultures.


    We are home to the biggest tech conference in the world “The Web Summit”. We are the European leader in connectivity, accessibility and technological infrastructures.

Why YTech

We’re a youthful startup built by tech enthusiasts and skilled people. Together we have the right amount of know-how and ambition to achieve new miles.

We are
fully commited
& dedicated
to you
  • Because we believe in creating a company focused on talent retention and with a strong cultural footprint.

  • Because we are here to connect you to exceptional people across the globe.

  • Because we move your business forward with the right expertise, talent and approach.

all of it?
  • Together, as a team, we have the compromise to attract, select and retain the Ytechers with the right will and commitment to help you take your business to the next level.

  • We are more than just a startup with will and ambition. We are part of a solid group with more than 1.700 employees. This is the network that allows us to move forward with the right confidence.