Welcome to Wonder(tech)land!  In Three Steps In Three Steps In Three Steps In Three Steps 

You tell us what your business needs and we start working

We will search and find the best consultants and our turnkey projects team will build cocoons around your project

The consultant will work for you from our office and you’ll be seeing those tech butterflies emerge in no time.

Welcome to Wonder(tech)land!

A magical place where dreams come true!

  • Welcome to
    Turney Projects

    Our team speaks both science and tech fluently. We understand the unique challenges of life sciences and craft cutting-edge solutions that make sense in your complex world.

    We handle everything from managing large-scale data to accelerating research, so you can focus on groundbreaking discoveries. And we’ll do it faster than you can say “deoxyribonucleic acid”.

Turnkey Projects Advantages

Ready to make your tech dreams come true?

Here's how Turnkey Projects are great 


We're here. You don't need to spend extra time trying to find the right people for that specific project.


Your Project will be done by experienced state of tech professionals.


You don’t have to spend extra time or money finding the right people for the job and then managing them.


You can just leave your Project to us, and we’ll make sure it’s great.


Focus on what requires your attention the most.

What to expect 
  • We keep a close relationship with our clients from the beginning to the end.


    First things first! We set up a meeting, we get to know each other, you explain everything that you need, we listen to your needs and we decide on the next steps to take.


    After our meeting, we create a proposal, built to focus on the exact needs of your business.


    Once we agree on the project deliverables originally proposed and answer any questions from you - it's contract time! Once we agree we send you the template of the contract to be signed by you.


    To kick off every project, we ask for a more detailed meeting and a bit of homework to learn more about you and what you are looking for.


    When we are all ready, we start the project and keep you updated on every stage of the process.


    If you’d like us to, we will start sharing your business and project on social media!