Take a look inside our recruitment process


What does a recruitment process consist of?

Recruitment is a process that is part of the human resources area. This department is responsible for attracting candidates to the job vacancies that become available in an organization. The candidate must have good technical knowledge as well as fit in with the values of the organization.

When those responsible for recruitment consider that they have reached a satisfactory number of candidates in the recruitment process, the next stage follows. There is a more thorough selection of the candidates to choose those considered most suitable for the position in question. Normally, during these processes, tests, interviews, and/or dynamics are carried out.



What types of recruitment are there?

There may be several depending on the type of company and the existing vacancies. Below are the main ones:

  • internal recruitment: consists of selecting talents that already exist in the company and taking advantage of their skills to be developed in the department;
  • external recruitment: in this case, the search is for the labor market whose objective is to find an ideal professional for the particular project;
  • mixed recruitment: as the name indicates, it concerns a situation in which the company advertises the new opportunity to internal and external talents.


The focus is on you

When you apply for a vacancy, you should always keep in mind that, to have a promising career that makes you happy, you should do something you are excited and motivated about.

Think about your likes, dislikes, difficulties, ambitions, and dreams. How do you work best? What are your favorite challenges? What do you like about others? How far do you want to go in your career? These exercises can help you to clarify your ideas and make the interview process easier.



How can you prepare for a job interview?

You should always have your CV updated. Get inspiration from the old one and try to improve it. Remember that you should have a suitable CV and only with the necessary information for the position you are applying for.

See the steps you should follow:

  • When you are fresh out of university or have little work experience you should include projects and courses that mirror your skills and knowledge;
  • Articulate the work with the qualifications for the job – explain how you got it and why it might be relevant (including data);
  • Be concrete about the projects you’ve been involved in. Talk about the results and how you achieved them;
  • You should show the skills and tell about your most relevant experiences (with the respective job description);
  • In the case of leadership it is important to mention the size of the team and the purpose of the work;
  • Get to the point! Organize neat, clear, and only the essential information in your CV.


How is the recruitment process at Ytech?

At Ytech we are always looking for the best talents! You can find all our opportunities on Linkedin, IT Jobs, and other career sites. After the interviews, where we try to understand projects, motivations, and languages, among other things, we follow up the process. We want you to know exactly what is happening, so we keep you up to date.

“We always try to have a personalized approach with each candidate. sometimes we use a funny gif to make things more informal” Ana Pereira, IT Recruiter at Ytech.


We have a few pillars that are fundamental and serve as the basis for Ytech recruiters such as:

  • ascertain the Professional background: projects they have been involved in; tasks performed in these projects; languages and frameworks used;
  • What are their motivations? What next steps would they like to take? Do they want to continue in the area in which they have been developing up until now? Do they want to use the same languages?
  • What languages do you speak? We have international projects where English can be crucial, and we want you to feel comfortable jutting into that team.

“During interviews, we focus on the person. There is room to show who they are, what their background and motivations are so that they can join one of our projects.” Ana Pereira, IT Recruiter at Ytech.



What else does Ytech provide?

Ytech offers a training and development plan according to the employee’s objectives as well as an internal benefits manual. We also have a regular presence at online and in-person job fairs at colleges to be closer to the talent. We also have partnerships with nuclei of the colleges.

“Once there is interest in the project and you accept to be part of the team, the Ytech HR department gets in touch and asks for all the necessary information and documentation to be all ready on the day of entry. This makes the onboarding process easier! In the employee’s first moments in the company, they are made aware of the internal work tools and partnerships available.” Jéssica Facha, HR Manager at Ytech.


In case you are someone from outside Portugal or a foreigner, Ytech provides an immigration manual, and a WhatsApp group to clarify your doubts during the process with people who have already been through the same as you, a Telegram group, and our merchandising during the onboarding. Feel like you should be at Ytech? Apply here.