Cyber Security  In Three Steps In Three Steps In Three Steps In Three Steps 

You tell us what your business needs and we start working

​We will search and find the best consultants and our cyber security team will build cocoons around your project

The consultant will work for you and you’ll be seeing those tech butterflies emerge in no time

Help!! Pirates stole my data!

How do I protect my digital assets?

  • What is
    Cyber security

    Cybersecurity is the process of protecting and recovering all your devices, networks, programs and computer systems from malicious cyber attacks.

    There’s much more than loosing data to cyber attacks…

    Every system in the world uses technology. Governments, health systems, security, companies, we all rely on technology to work and function and with the help of artificial intelligence, IoT and social engineering, it’s getting easier for hackers, pirates and all sorts of attackers to threat your systems.

Cyber Security advantages

Have no fear, my friend! Our Cybersecurity team is here to help.

Here’s how cybersecurity can help! 

Protect your ship!

Allow your employees to use the internet freely without being at risk of suffering an attack that may infect your system.

Protect information

Protect the personal information of your employees and clients from being stolen and sold or used by others.

Protect productivity

Keep viruses from slowing down your employees productivity, by creating problems in their devices, that may take a lot of time to solve.

Prevent Adware

Most people experienced having annoying advertises that seem to not be able to get rid of. That’s adware a type of virus that polutes your system and might even bring more viruses if you click on the ads.

Protect your website

Protect your system from being infected, causing your website to shut down, lose money from missed transactions or even lose customer trust.

Prove that your clients can trust you

There’s nothing like being able to guaranty that your clients information is secure and that they can feel confident acquiring your products or services.

Cyber Security Threats 😫 
  • Stealing data is not the only possible attack.

    There are many things your business needs protection from…

  • Phishing

    Have you ever received e-mails from well-known sources asking you to pay bills or other things, and it turned out to be fake? Well, that’s phishing!

  • Social engineering

    Social engineering is when criminals drive people to share confidential information, taking advantage of their natural trust and curiosity.

  • Man-in-the-middle attack

    This happens when criminals insert themselves between a 2 party transaction. For example, when they enter an individual’s device through public internet.

  • Zero-day attacks

    When a company announces they're having issues with their networks, while working on the solution, some criminals take advantage of that period to attack.

  • Malware

    Malware are malicious softwares like viruses, spyware (that is a type of cyber infection designed to spy on your actions) and ransomware.

Cyber Security Offer 🔒 
  • Now, let’s get down to business

    This is what we can do for you!

  • Ethical Hacking

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      Technical Auditing

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      Penetration testing

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      Vulnerability checking

    • Arrow

      Mitigation proposals

  • Devices Management

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      Security updates

    • Arrow

      Rules Changes

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      Maintenance, support and monitoring

  • Security Processes

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      Security policies creation and adaptation

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      Implementation of security methodologies

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      Adjustment of processes

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