Blockchain  In Three Steps In Three Steps In Three Steps In Three Steps 

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We will search and find the best consultants and our blockchain team will build cocoons around your project

The consultant will work for you and you’ll be seeing those tech butterflies emerge in no time.

Block what? Blockchain! What chain?

Blockchain might sound like some sort of whimsical magical digital thingy that is kind of hard to comprehend at first, so in case you’re still trying to figure it out…

  • What is
    Blockchain ?

    Blockchain is a net or chain of digital information blocks. This chain is a public database and each block is linked to the others. This way, the informationS is not centralized in any of the blocks. instead, it’s shared between all, making it completely transparent and safe.

Blockchain advantages

It’s awesome! Completely disruptive, it can be life changing and a feasible tech

You know why? Because You know why? Because 

It’s immutable

Because all data is own by the entire network, which makes it impossible to hack unlike centralized databases.

It’s cost efficient

Unlike centralized databases, where entities have costs to keep all data in one place, blockchain doesn’t have that need

Doesn’t require your trust

Because transactions with blockchain don’t require third party entities, you know that you can exchange goods or services safely

It’s decentralized

The information contained in the blocks is not owned by anyone, so it’s less vulnerable and more transparent.

It’s transparent

All data is trackable and any change would be seen by everyone.

Blockchain uses 
  • There are many uses for blockchain technology, here are some that can be useful for you…

  • Internet of Things

    Blockchain can be a way of connecting devices and managing internet of things networks.

  • Auditing & regulation

    Blockchain can be a mean to regulate public transactions, insurance or taxes

  • Payment process

    You can transfer funds directly without requiring a third party stakeholder

  • Track Supply chains

    Monitor and track supply chains with complete transparency, in every stage.

  • Loyalty reward programs

    You can create reliable programs that do not make waste and eliminate fraud or human error.

  • Medical data

    Blockchain is a 100% private way of managing patient records and track presciption drugs.

  • Data backup

    You can store data in a blockchain system, to protect it from possible attacks.

  • Sharing Data

    With blockchain it's possible to create data marketplaces and share details in a private way.