received a Gold Award!


Now you’re probably asking yourself who was the responsible for this. Well, Bürocratik is the company behind the development of
Adriano, the founder and creative director has answered us some #techie and random questions! Are you curious? Check below.



Why did you choose Nuxt as Vue.js over Next.js with React?

Due to the organization of components and Vue/Nuxt simplicity to ensure SEO and routing and associated plugins. It’s simply a development experience that we like more when compared to React.






Did you use something like Three.js to work with the 3d animations or did you do it from scratch?

We did not use Three.js for the Ytech website. The process was to make the 3D in Houdini, export the frames/PNG’s and then control them.






What was the biggest challenge in website development?

There was several. It stared with the design and then it was required to transfer the idea to code. The Services/Zeus block was one of the biggest challenges, alongside with the outline tags.






If you could go back and change any page, component or animation of this website, what would it be and why?

I would do a new session with the team for new headers in 2021. That way, the website could have a new version without questioning design and code.







What page or component did you like to develop the most?

It’s an overall process but, speaking for me, the branding/design and the audio-fx component were what gave me the most pleasure. Making the website like-if-it was-for-us has this high point of everything being important and relevant. The final result gives a lot of hints of how much we enjoyed to make

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