Why we use Team Avatars


If you’ve seen our social media, you probably noticed that we're not like many other IT companies.

Even if you search very hard, you’ll not find the classical picture of someone wearing a suit and crossing their arms. Instead, we have avatars. Illustrations of each one of our team members. And we use them in almost all our communication!

Now, are you curious about how this all started?

Well… One day, Rui Neves, our CEO went to have lunch on a restaurant and when he asked for the menu, he was amazed by the incredible branding around it, where all the employees were presented with avatars.


Rui loved the idea so much that he ran to the office


Stopped by our Design and Marketing Manager’s desk and said:

  • Ana! I’ve just came up with a great idea! Would you, good lady, draw something like this for us?
  • Surely! – she promptly replied.

This way, it would be possible to identify each one of us, even though we must wear masks!

Truth is, we already had an edgy branding. We strove for innovation and creativity and we wanted to set ourselves as agents of change in the IT world. We wanted to break the boundaries of normality and be different, irreverent, as well as build a more “human” workplace, where everyone is valued individually.

We saw that opportunity in this idea.

So, after some time perfecting the technique, we were able to make the avatars look very similar to all of us and once we started recognizing ourselves, everything changed. Even though at the beginning some thought it would be strange, now it was funny and whimsical!

However, we could only know if it was going to be a success once we launched it online, changing our LinkedIn pictures. So, we did it.

Then, in a very short time, we started to have people recognizing us for being the “avatar guys”. It was very easy to find any members of the team and it was perfectly sending the “human, not machines” vibe that we identify with and wanted to share with the world.


Funny Avatar Guys

After that, every time someone would interview with us, they would then share our profile with their friends saying something like “check out the startup I’m interviewing for…” and then the friends would see our profile and recognize us too as the “funny avatar guys”.

We even got recognized by Pedro Caramez, the LinkedIn expert, who posted about our communication strategy in his profile.

Also, this allowed us to create very fun and shareable content. To the avatars we added comedy, personality and just a tiny bit of dorkiness, the right amount to make them funny.

It’s important to note that Ytech started during a quarantine period, so we couldn’t be all together in person.

Now the avatars became part of our identity as a company and as a team. So, we use them for internal communication too.

We couldn’t get to know each other as a team usually does. In fact, we still can’t.  So, for that reason, we had to come up with other ways of building team spirit and a sense of belonging. We found in the avatars, the possibility of creating very personalized internal communication materials to use as a mean of contact with everyone we cannot see every day.

We do not know if this is forever, as many other exciting and innovative ideas keep coming to our minds every day but, if one day, we no longer use the avatars or look not even remotely like we do now, one thing will never change: our will to empower you with amazing innovative tech solutions, whether you are an IT expert or a business owner.