Why does Ytech prioritize work-life balance?


What is work-life balance?

In simple terms, this concept defines the balance between personal and professional life. It can be characterized as a state of balance in which someone equally prioritizes their personal life tasks with their career duties.

A well-done balance of these two parts proves to be extremely positive, with less stress, and increased well-being being beneficial for the mental health of the employees and for the organization itself.

“It is extremely important to talk about work-life balance, as the world of work has undergone enormous developments and changes, yet it remains central to our lives and there is a “romanticization” and normalization of overwork by society. Ana Marques, Psychologist (Ytech Partner)




How is work-life balance at Ytech?

At Ytech we prioritize the concept of work-life balance to promote the well-being, mental health, and happiness of each employee. Check out below what we practice:


  • Possibility of remote work/hybrid model;
  • Investment in actions outside work namely sports paid 100% by the company;
  • Extensive handbook of exclusive partnerships that is constantly being updated for employees, family, and friends with different brands and services that provide various discounts in the areas of health, education, catering, sports, travel, etc;
  • Meetings where we are free to report professional or personal situations where we act accordingly;
  • Team Building actions where employees create memories with the team beyond work through different events that invite the whole team;
  • Social responsibility events: at Ytech there is a commitment to a relationship of solidarity with others through voluntary actions aimed at solving problems that affect society in general, contributing to a good team spirit and mutual help.

In May, we won the Happiness Works award for the second consecutive year. This achievement has great significance for Ytech, showing that we are on the right track towards a good work-life balance. It is gratifying to know that people feel fulfilled at Ytech by relating their motivation and commitment.




How to practice the concept of work-life balance?

To put the concept into practice in a balanced way, it is necessary to invest in good time management, dispensing the necessary energy both to the field of personal life, sports, hobbies, and relationships and to the tasks of the work routine.

“The consequences that a lack of balance and exclusive focus on work have on people are well known, namely in terms of mental health – with Portugal presenting itself as the country (among the 27 in the EU) with the highest risk and most cases of Burnout (exhaustion of internal resources in the face of pressure and chronic stress at work).” Ana Marques, Psychologist (Ytech Partner)

Feel like you need to review this concept in your life? Take a look at the list:

Work with what you like:

we should do something we like and that makes us happy and motivated to perform our tasks. Nobody feels motivated to do something they don’t identify with;

 Prioritize physical and psychological wellbeing and health:

Small activities or personalized routines help maintain sanity and make people more fulfilled and in harmony with themselves and others. Remember that you must prioritize yourself! The more balanced your personal life is the more proactive and productive you will be in your work. It may be interesting to do some sport to fight sedentariness and to release stress. If psychological support is needed, it is recommended to seek a psychologist.

“Balance is different from person to person and even from moment to moment – so it will be important to explore and experience what it means to us, what activities bring us that feeling.” Ana Marques, Psychologist (Ytech Partner)

Disconnecting is also necessary:

Sporadically it can be pivotal to relieve stress by disconnecting from the outside world and all the electronic devices with constant notifications. When there is space to invigorate the spirit there is more room for thoughts and ideas. Listening to music, reading a book, painting, spending time with pets, playing with your children, or meditating can be interesting activities in this sense.

Holidays are there to be experienced:

Short or long duration is crucial to coming back with more drive, focus, and motivation. It is relatively common that sometimes people leave unused days of holidays because they are afraid of the workload that will accumulate or of losing the rhythm for certain tasks that are already in progress and need constant attention, thus creating some pressure. It is also possible to enjoy the holidays in a calm and 100% present way if the work gets organized and, preferably, organized.

“Balance, by allowing different experiences and in different environments will enhance our creativity, rest, energy and priorities, also making us more capable professionals.” Ana Marques, Psychologist (Ytech Partner)

Take time for yourself and to take care of the ones you love:

There needs to be good coordination of tasks so that none is forgotten or pending. Draw up a calendar for commemorative dates and family events, including those with whom you live. This way you ensure that those activities are much more likely to happen and not be interrupted. Just because work keeps you busy doesn’t mean you should neglect personal relationships.

” We are beings made up of various parts and areas (personal, professional, family, social, etc.), and it is balancing and attending to these various elements that will bring us the feeling of being complete and living full and fulfilled lives.” Ana Marques, Psychologist (Ytech Partner)

Set goals and priorities for the various fields of your life:

Setting goals is extremely important. They can be highlighted according to their degree of priority. Allocate tasks to times that you know are realistic and possible. It is interesting to reduce the time you spend on screens in your free time because sometimes they end up being a distraction and do not guarantee quality and productive time in other areas of leisure. By being effective at work, consequently, there will be more free time to relax outside of work.




What are the benefits?

  • Higher productivity
  • Less stress and burnout
  • More concentration and focus when needed
  • Healthier life with fewer pathologies
  • Happiness
  • More time with family and friends
  • Personal fulfilment


Did you like how we practice this concept at Ytech? Could you imagine working in this mood? If you feel that this is what you need in your life, talk to us. 😊