The advantages of using an MDM solution

Advantages of using an MDM solution

What is an MDM solution?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a procedure that aims to deepen the information and data security of an organization in order to monitor, coordinate and safeguard the mobile devices that companies use in their routine, mobile phones and computers being the most common. This procedure has the fundamental objective of protecting the company’s information systems.

From small companies to larger and more complex dimensions can resort to this type of MDM solution. With the increase in the number of employees, it becomes especially necessary and pertinent to use this type of solution. In exchange for protecting confidential information and intensifying the performance of the workers.

In a corporate environment, it is extremely important to compile essential data on these mobile devices, assess which applications should or should not be included, geolocation service and create protocols in the event of theft or loss.



What is EMM and how does it relate to MDM?

Given the organizational evolution and the development of inherent resources, organizations are fed by these solutions that tend to be more mobile (some exclusively mobile), thus highlighting the need for these solutions taking into consideration that they are the main ways to have access to information, and it may be necessary to use a Mobile Device Manager Plus tool.

The type of solution with the increase in the adherence to the devices and the respective technological evolution came to suffer some adaptations evolving to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.

EMM is an aggregation of principles and methodologies used by companies to safeguard private corporate information on mobile devices of the organization and its employees.

But how can I distinguish an MDM from an EMM? In an MDM, the management of resources is done exclusively at the device level, whereas in an EMM the administration is done in the whole equipment. EMM provides compatibility with methodologies, customized and adapted applications, and the respective defense of data and files.




How does an MDM solution relate to cybersecurity?

The fact that it is increasingly common to witness cyber-attacks means that the security of data and respective devices is called into question. As the rules of cybersecurity dictate, it is essential to gather effective, efficient, and secure ways of management allied to effective ethical hacking.



How do they work?

An MDM is based on the articulation between a client and a server together with the devices. While the normal activities are developed, the server automatically sends settings and methods, managing the devices in an over-the-air modality.


What are the advantages of having an MDM?

The advantages in choosing an MDM are several and these are:

  • Time reduction in task execution due to automation;
  • Organization to boost and promote the volume of work;
  • Focus on productivity allied to the regulation of access to platforms;
  • Compliance in information security (HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, ISO, and CJIS);
  • Enhanced security to prevent data leakage;
  • Remote management capacity;
  • Management of devices that do not require user intervention.



Why are these solutions important?

MDM solutions in an organization are particularly relevant and can boost the way it operates, focusing on results and good positioning. This is achieved by granting access to information through individual or corporate devices remotely.

This software that streamlines device management brings great advantages to those who administer it, facilitating their work by making it a much more automated and controlled process.

Its importance lies in:

  • Simplicity of implementation in the cloud allied to the possibility of choosing the most convenient solution
  • Efficient and adaptable integrations to technical support software and application development techniques
  • Management of various devices and their operating systems (iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows, macOS, among others)


MDM in practice: how to use it?

Health: the aim is that all personal information is compiled and stored securely following guidelines taking into account the large volume of data;

Teaching: with the growth in the adoption of remote teaching methodologies, the equipment must work correctly for the functions only for which it was defined

Mobility: vehicle tracking and trajectory history;

Service: obeying the trend, an MDM solution helps in the process of management and control of applications, programs, and devices verifying that standards and procedures are being followed;

Retail: through digital tools, mobile points of sale, and self-service checkouts. The need for solutions can be particular, or even through a combination of applications.



But which resources are considered the most important?

Let us help you:

  • Passwords, blacklisting, and security policies;
  • Remote wipe;
  • Possibility to backup and restore information;
  • Encrypted data;
  • Malware and threat analysis;
  • Configuration of prohibited data depending on location;
  • VPN and Wi-Fi maintenance.