Starting a Company during Global Pandemic


Have you ever imagined starting a company during a global pandemic?

Well, neither have our founder and CEO, but that was exactly what happened.

In February 2020, Rui Neves, an experienced entrepreneur always looking for new challenges and disruptive ways to speak tech, decided to launch Ytech into the world. That by itself was a great step, but nothing could predict the impact of what we were going through with Covid-19.

However, that didn’t bring him down! Instead, the company started to spread its mission with already 3 people aboard on the first months and together they understood that technology could only move us forward.

Even though most of the team were working from home, Ytech opened its doors after the first lockdown and in June we scaled up to a team of 11 people working on areas such as sourcing, recruitment, business management, marketing, design and with consultants on clients.



Now, are you curious about how we got to the final of 2020?

Well, in December and with less than one year of existence, we were around 30 and growing. This year, Ytech is aiming to open its first office in Porto!

Probably, you’re asking yourself how was this possible during a global pandemic and in a short time. The truth is that we’re focused on talent retention and a strong will to build a disruptive cultural footprint in which everyone is valued as part of the story – yes, we are the story makers in the tech field!

By the way, speaking of story, do you want to read something curious about each one of us? If so, scroll down and have fun!

This is Rui, our Executive Director at Ytech

He has a son that looks exactly like him. And an adorable dog called Oly!

On the Business Managers team, we have 5 managers, responsible for managing our client projects.

Hugo is our Senior Manager at Ytech.

He once didn’t catch a plane because he forgot his passport.

Luís is our Business Unit Manager.

He’s learning how to play the violin!

Inês is our Business Executive Manager.

She says she needs her morning coffee to function properly!

Joana and Tomás are both Business Managers.

Joana has rescued 8 cat’s already!

Tomás once had a goose called Cristiano Ronaldo.

Here are our 4 Sourcing and Recruitment Consultant Ladies. They are the ones that ensure that we get the best techies on our team.

Madalena loves horseback riding.

Patrícia sings and plays the guitar.

Carolina is terribly afraid of crossing bridges. So she just doesn’t.

Ana loves candy and eats a pack of gummies every day!

Our Marketing and Communication team

Ana Luísa is our Design & Marketing Manager.

She has a cat called “Cat”.

Carolina is our UX & UI Designer

She once had a finger reattached, after she accidentally chopped it off, while cooking!

Adriana is our Marketing & Communication Manager

She’s terribly afraid of lizards.Don’t worry! She’s a real person, even though here she is in her avatar shape.She is also our latest addition to the office team.

And last but not least, our IT lead.

Daniel Alves is our IT lead.

He started playing tennis at 24, and never stopped after!


This is the team that is every day at the office ensuring that your tech dreams come true.

But the reality is that our universe is much bigger, and we also have a whole team of IT experts ready to spread their magic and work with you, on your business projects.

Feel free to reach out to us whether you’re also an IT star and would love to join our team, or you have a brilliant techy idea in mind, and need our help to make it happen!