Nhood, a Real Estate Solution


Nhood is a “new living mood”

Nhood is a “new living mood”, transforming architecture and reshape public perception of existing spaces. With Nhood, each building is ready for different purposes: convenience for inhabitants, attractiveness for tourists, income for owners. With expertise and an understanding of their needs, they assure investors, asset managers, promoters and operators that company real estate strategies contribute to improve the life of communities. Nhood turns sites and neighborhoods into mixed, sustainable living places that welcome as many people as possible. And thus their “new living mood” emerges.

As a new brand launched by the company Ceetrus, Nhood challenged us to develop its new landing page in one month.

The goal was not only to follow the brand guidelines and its “new living mood”, but also to innovate and recreate the way the company communicates in Portugal.

However, we had a problem. It was required in a single landing page to tell the history, the manifest, the business KPIs, the positive impact on the environment, the solutions, the portfolio, the people and the company’s media. In other words, we had a lot of content to add in a single page with the additional need to retain the users on the website, keeping them motivated while scrolling.

Our strategy

We decided to take advantage of the triple positive impact that Nhood has on the environment and society as the core of the entire project.

The goal was through a simple and easy-to-use structure to make the user feel connected with the whole personality and way of communication of this new brand.

This way, after all the research was carried out, since the benchmarketing, personas and market research, we started to design the wireframes, define the project’s structure (the UX of the project) and then we moved on to the design (the UI of the project). The main concern in all development phases was to develop a creative project, according to the rules, respecting the brand and that would retain the user on the page.

the Result

The project went online after a month of hard work, meetings and adjustments.

Nhood has now a responsive landing page that represents its brand as a new way of living, a new mood, a brand-new attitude. Developed for any user, with solutions for occupants or investors, with a portfolio of several projects, locations and a section for media, Nhood is online for everyone, including media, to be able to reach them.