Nearshoring: Benefits and Advantages


What is Nearshoring?

In a nutshell, nearshoring is an IT outsourcing model that allows companies to extend their team or even to have their own IT Lab located in other locations that share some geographical proximity or time zones and have a cultural fit. Counting with nearshore partner can support your business growth and improve your project solutions time to market.

In fact, having a nearshore team can be the perfect road to scale your business while improving the time and quality of your products allowing them to meet market times and clients expectations and demands. This can become a key differentiator for an organization’s success in a landscape full of competitors and a great way to outperform on an ecosystem that is rapidly changing.

IT staff augmentation can be a great and cost-effective choice to put your project on the road towards designed goals. By relying on nearshore services, you can have gain access to a great pool of talent and highly skilled software developers ready to start to work on your project.

Nearshoring has become a growing business model across all Europe when countries like UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, among others, can count with the expertise of IT professionals and nearshore partners settled in Portugal, Poland, Romania or Ukraine, to give you some examples.

It is important to differentiate Nearshoring from Offshoring. In this case it is already usual to have a different language, a considerable physical distance between countries and it can be culturally very different, unlike when we talk about nearshoring. Nearshore presupposes a proximity at all possible levels presenting benefits for both countries involved.



What are the advantages of nearshoring?

The practice of outsourcing IT nearshoring services confers some advantages such as:

Talent: work with professionals experienced in the state of the technology

Flexibility: find more flexibility and adaptability in your projects

Cost Efficiency: you get a significant reduction in costs and time spent

Legal: you don’t have to deal with labor and legal concerns

Location: choose a team with a strategic positioning and time zone

Cultural Resemblances: work with a team, which has a culture close to yours

Resources: save time with easier resource and career management

Focus: concentrate on what really matters for your business

Constant Interaction: There is a constant accompaniment with a dynamic exchange of insights

There should be no language barrier to be cohesive and there is some cultural proximity. The advantage is that it is possible to take a plane, given the short distance, to go and come back the same day for face-to-face meetings, conferences, or seminars.



Nearshoring in Portugal: what explains its success?

Nearshoring in Portugal ranks first in cross-border trade worldwide and third as the safest country in the world and the European Union.

Human resources: 

The Portuguese workforce is highly skilled. According to the IMD World Talent Ranking, Portugal has some of the strongest workforces in the world

Talent-to-cost ratio:

Compared to other European countries, Portugal has a lower labor cost due to the country’s also lower cost of living


Multiculturalism is in our blood. we are adaptable and used to working with other cultures

The right place:

Portugal has 8 hours of daily sunshine and good climatic conditions. it shares the same time zone as London and temporal proximity with most European countries

Technology center:

We are home to the largest technology conference in the world “The Web Summit”. According to the Europe Digital Progress Report 2017, we are the European leader in connectivity, accessibility, and technology infrastructure.



Ytech and Nearshoring Services in 3 steps:

1- Identify what your business needs and talk to us , immediately dedicated software development teams will start working towards that

2 – We will find and validate with the best IT consultants and our nearshore teams will build cocoons around your project

3 – The IT consultant will work for you from our office 


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