How to record your first podcast with minimum tools.


You don’t have to be an expert on podcasts.

It’s possible! We’ve done it for the first time and even though we may have room for improvement, it worked. That’s why we’re here to give you some tips based on our experience.




How did we start?

Well, like every other ideas: with a brainstorming session. We knew what we wanted to speak about (tech, for sure) but we also did some research in terms of SEO to make sure we were bringing the trendiest topics to the arena.




Yeah, that’s right:

We were going to start a #battle! After the topics were closed, we invited our team experts who immediately accepted the challenge.

Then was time to do a checklist on what would be required in terms of tools to record, edit and publish the podcast and where to. The spot was set, the light was perfect, so we tested some different cameras, mobile phones, and micros until we decided to move on with the latest iPhone model and a microphone.

Editing was a challenge, but DaVinci Resolve made it easier! By the way, this is a free tool we would totally recommend.

When we finished, the question was how to publish both on Youtube and Spotify. The solution we found was Anchor: an app to publish podcasts on several platforms.




It may take 24h to be available on Spotify, so if you have a deadline, make sure you consider this in advance.Also don’t forget to spread the word! Create events on social media, share with friends, make sure everyone is aware!




So, briefly, what you need is:

1.     A good name

2.     A communicative host

3.     The right expertise

4.     Tools to record and publish

5.     A great spot with natural light

6.     A strategy to promote


And don’t forget we’re living a pandemic, so make sure you do it safely!