How new generations can take the most from tech


Truth is, nowadays children are born with a natural skill for tech. Even before they know how to speak, they’re swiping up and down in your device, right? Everything around has technology involved.

Schools already teach how to use the computers, but how could we help children to take advantage of tech for a better education?

The big challenge here is to make sure technology is used in the right way.

That’s why we’re bringing a top 5 list of tips and suggestions for tech education. Let’s check them out below!



Warn about the risks

We’re all connected and that can be dangerous when kids are not aware of the threats.

Cybersecurity is in the bases of learning how to use technology in a safe way. To learn more about the most common threats and get some privacy tips, check our article about cybersecurity and data privacy or watch our live on Instagram.




Teach how to use technology to get credible information

Google is our best friend, but there’s also a lot of non-credible information. Make sure when doing a research that it is from a valid source and encourage children to express their own opinion about what they’re searching. This is a way of learning and promoting a critical thinking through technology.




E-books are great to encourage reading

One of the advantages of technology is allowing access to books or stories without having to buy them. This is an excellent way to promote reading between children in a more interactive and cost-effective way.




Make it funny to learn

Learning doesn’t have to be boring. Every child loves to play a game, right? That means gamification can play a huge role on education as well. In a didactive way, children can learn through games which will contribute to a better logical reasoning, quick interaction and focus.





Communicate with videos

Texting is excellent to improve writing, but videos can take you to another level of socializing. Children can use videos to study together or make presentations, for example. In an increasingly digital world, this would be a trend for sure.