Deimos Engineering and Hidrographic+


Hydrographic+ is a geographical portal that has been ongoing since May 2018 with funding from Compete2020.

This geographic portal has an information infrastructure for marine data collected by the Hydrographic Institute.

In this sense, the Hydrographic + was presented to us in November 2020, with the aim of developing a proposal to improve the UX UI design of the project.

There were several challenges in this project, such as: understanding and studying its specific target; the transformation of a project already done (with various structural problems) into a clear and easy to navigate website and, finally, the interaction of all the essential information and content with the ever-present map.

Our Strategy

After a lot of research, international benchmarketing, market studies and tests we started to think about how to improve the entire UX of the project without dropping most of the backend work that had already been done.

We started by defining the personas and the structure, in which we had to solve some problems such as: developing a product that is responsive so that it can be used not only on a desktop computer but also on a mobile in the middle of the sea; adapt some information that appeared over the map and made reading content confusing; develop a quick method for the user to download the information and be able to access offline; keep the amount of information needed without conflict with reading the map and finally, resolve the connection that exists between this project with the Hydrographic Catalog and with Anavnet.

After closing the structure and solving all these problems, we started to develop the interface design, for which we have defined the colors, buttons, icons and all the UI Tool Kit to be used in this project.

The Result

Hydrographic + is currently a geographic portal easy to understand how to navigate and how to get to the information the user wants. Our main goal was not only to adapt this product to the specific target, but also to make it simple for any user who is not in this field. The entire structure of the project is developed so that the user can see the information in real time on the world map. In addition, Hydrographic + can be used on any digital device and anywhere and it is possible to store the information to be accessed offline in places where there is no network such as in the middle of the ocean.