Brazil to Portugal: Why choose Ytech to work in IT


To start

Portugal is the country that receives most Brazilians in Europe. What is the reason? With the support of our team of local and immigrant Brazilians, we will show you why and how the change is, as well as the lifestyle in Portugal. If you have the dream of coming to work at Ytech, this article is for you!


Why move to Portugal?


Security is one of the most sought-after factors when deciding to move to another country. You know what it’s like to be constantly careful with your belongings while you’re out, right? In Portugal, that does not happen. In 2021, the country is in 4th position in the Global Peace Index, which considers various factors to define the ranking.


In the education ranking by country in 2021, we can see that Portugal occupied the 25th place, compared to Brazil’s 36th (World Population Review, 2022). In Portugal, you can find numerous schools, public and private, for all ages and at Ytech several partnerships give discounts on education to employees, family, and friends.


Although there is public health with universal access in Portugal – the SNS (National Health System) – and the amount paid for medical care, in some situations, can be free, it cannot be considered free. Ytech offers health insurance to its employees and their families so that they can choose to access health care without any problems. This will never be missed!

Politics / Economy

The precarious political conditions and a corrupt government as well as constant high inflation have contributed to many Brazilians emigrating. In Portugal, there are clear policies on equality as well as currency stability.

“Politically and economically speaking, it is a much more balanced context” (Marcelo Figueiredo, SharePoint Developer at Ytech).

Personal experience

Some of our Brazilians Ytecheres came to Europe on a trip and fell in love. They felt they would like to live here. “I had bought new furniture until quite recently in Brazil. I ended up selling everything and came here!” (Arthur Stumph, QA Tester at Ytech).

At Ytech there is a constant demand for programmers due to the growth of the company, and it is possible to combine the dream of having a “personal and professional growth opportunity”, as well as “opening a door to Europe” (Patrick Silva, Backend Developer at Ytech).

Also, as Ytech is a company operating in a global market, there is a huge interest and stake in the language skills of its employees. “I came to Europe also to strengthen my English” (Vitor Bilouro, System Architect at Ytech).


Portugal has a temperate climate, where the seasons are well defined. Although cooler than Brazil. “The climate is not as cold as Poland, for example, so it is bearable. ” (Pedro Coelho, Backend Developer at Ytech). In other words, we have hot and dry summers, cold and wet winters (but not so much depending on the city and nothing compared to other European countries).

Still, this climate brings an incredible and visible nature to those who live in Portugal. “I have never seen a sunset as incredible as the one here in Mação. It feels like the clouds are closer, but without the feeling of claustrophobia.” (Paulo Junior, .NET Developer)

Culture and Language

In addition to the above, in Portugal, there is an ease in terms of culture and language. “Recife is even similar to Lisbon, except for the traffic! (Vitor Guimarães, .NET Developer at Ytech).

Although there are funny differences between the Portuguese of Portugal and Brazil, here you “Learn about our language.” (Lucas Costa, Support Engineer Security at Ytech).

Possibility to travel

Portugal is a country surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean where here there is the possibility to travel during the weekend as the trips are economical and the distances are shorter when compared to Brazil, both nationally and internationally.

From beaches, mountains to castles, there are plenty of options: “I love visiting castles, I bought a book and I set out to visit them all! Portuguese monuments are beautiful. (Layla Bendia, Project Manager at Ytech).

It is a cosmopolitan, multicultural country, where you can hear many multiple languages in the street, and with a lot of history, something that the “Portuguese make a point of preserving” (André Alves, .NET Developer at Ytech).



Transport serves the population all over the country but is more concentrated in the big cities. The most common means of transport are the metro, train, bus and drivers by app (Uber, Bolt, Taxi). ” Public transport here is well looked after, punctual and people respect each other” (Vítor Savi, Java Developer at Ytech).



What are the Portuguese people like? What is the cost of living?

According to our Ytechers, justice, equality, education, civism and respect are unquestionable values for the Portuguese. According to their experiences, they consider the Portuguese people to be friendly, very supportive and generous, always thinking of the collective. “It’s funny how much is unknown about Portugal in Brazil. The preservation of history is very interesting” (Andre Alves, .NET Developer at Ytech).

Cost of living

It is more expensive to live in Portugal than in Brazil, but the cost of living in Portugal is around 50% higher than in Brazil. The taxes and duties applied to imported products are favurable lower in Portugal when compared to Brazil. In that sense, buying the latest generation car, the latest iPhone, a tablet or even some designer clothes is much more advantageous in Portugal.

Many immigrants evaluate the cost of living without thinking about the local context and currency. But this is wrong. It is not enough to carry out a simple conversion of salary values.

Although items are more expensive in Portugal than in Brazil, the purchasing power is not comparable. Portugal is 20 and 40% higher than Brazil and when we evaluate by city, the purchasing power in Rio de Janeiro is about 56% lower than in Porto (EuroDicas, 2022).






How can I work at Ytech?

Recruitment Process

Ytech has a specialized team exclusively composed of Brazilian IT Recruiters in Brazil. This team is highly focused and available to meet you and understand your professional ambitions and wishes.

When our team finds the right profile for a vacancy and it is necessary to move forward with the immigration process, they, together with the Human Resources department, provide support at all bureaucratic levels. “We support and guide the candidates as best we can to streamline the whole moving process” (Georgia Wosniak and Isabelle Tridapalli, IT Recruiters at Ytech).

And it’s not only the bureaucratic part that counts, at Ytech the person who comes to Portugal receives highly personalized support in their integration through general actions and private support, which starts right from the Whatsapp group that we have with our entire Brazilian community (living in Brazil and Portugal). Who better than having someone who has been through the same thing talking to us?




We know this part is not so much fun, but you have to go through it if you want to be happy on this side of the Atlantic!

What do you need to regularize here?

  • Fiscal identification number (NIF) – (CPF in Brazil);
  • User number – to get access to health services (equivalent to the SUS card);
  • Social Security Identification Number – NISS;
  • Have a legal representative;
  • Open activity in finance – tax and customs authority (Federal Revenue in Brazil);
  • Change driving License at IMT (if applicable);
  • Have a residence permit;
  • Have a temporary identification document (citizen card) – allows you to sign documents digitally, log into institution websites, obtain bank credit;
  • You can take any missing doses of vaccines and adapt your vaccination booklet to the European one;
  • Open a bank account (some do not include any fees or large initial deposits).

In all these steps, Ytech provides support and has partnerships to facilitate the process.





  • Having Portuguese citizenship can help, if you want to get it just follow the requirements;
  • You may have to make a few visits to SEF until you have your process completed (relax, it’s quiet, as long as you take all the documents they may ask for). If possible, make an appointment;
  • Check the institutional pages and try to collect as many useful contacts as possible. It is possible that you may find some conflicting information, both on the internet and in the services themselves, depending on who is attending;

We will support you in obtaining a work visa, which will make the process much easier.

“I already had family here, it made the process of coming to a lot easier!” (Lázaro Dutra, Angular Developer at Ytech).


How to rent a house?

  • It is recommended to rent an Airbnb and then visit and choose a future accommodation to live in. However, the whole process will be accompanied by the Ytech team, who will be able to support you in your choice;
  • Beware of scams or photos that may not correspond to the accommodation. Ytech can help you with this process if you are outside the country;
  • It is necessary to have an entrance deposit, a deposit and a guarantor;
  • With little money, it is possible to have basic furniture.


Which websites can help you with the process?

Idealista, Imovirtual, Olx, Uniplaces, Casa Sapo, among others.



Where do you recommend looking for accommodation?

To start, do you know where Ytech is? Ytech is in the heart of Lisbon, in Picoas, in Picoas Plaza!

Lisbon: Alvalade, Estrela (although it has less transport), Campo de Ourique, Príncipe Real, Parque das Nações, Quinta das Conchas, Avenidas Novas, Alta de Lisboa.

Near Lisbon: Odivelas, Loures, Oeiras, Amadora, Almada.

Best areas in Porto: Foz do Douro, Bonfim, Baixa do Porto, Boavista and Antas.

Near Porto: Matosinhos, Vila Nova de Gaia, Ermesinde, Gondomar, Rio Tinto, Maia, Valongo, Trofa.

“Near my home, there is a small bookshop where there are usually some activities such as quizzes. Here I felt welcome even though I was far from home. The family spirit at Ytech is amazing” (Gessyka Campos, QA Tester at Ytech).



  • Don’t get too attached to what you have in Brazil to stop you from coming here. Come alone or with your family;
  • Get money together (at least three incomes);
  • Don’t be afraid of change;
  • It can help to have some friends in or around the country and we and Ytech will help you with that!
  • If you have mobility problems, check if the building has a lift;
  • Get used to the accent and some expressions by listening to podcasts, radio and other Portuguese media before you come;
  • In Portugal, there is a Brazilian culture in the streets, music, soap operas and internet content, so you will quickly feel at home;
  • If you have small children there will be no limitation in bringing them because the educational structure will guarantee everything necessary.

And most importantly… “Show that you deserve it, prove your worth! Everything will work out. When you overcome fear, everything flows” (Thiago Oliveira, Senior Java at Ytech)





What is it like to live in Portugal?

Some can’t resist a pastel de Belém, others prefer “ovos moles” from Aveiro. There is no consensus on Portuguese delicacies. Which one sounds more appealing to you?


  • Typical dishes: sardines, Francesinha, “Carne de Porco à Alentejana”, grilled fish, seafood, “leitão”, Bacalhau à Brás, Caldo Verde and Bifanas;
  • Sweets: Pastel de Nata, Ovos Moles, Travesseiro de Sintra, the possibility of finding good chocolates at accessible prices in the supermarket, tasty ice creams, various croissants. It’s interesting how Portugal has kept its regional sweet traditions. The recipes are kept for decades and are passed on from generation to generation” (Layla Bendia, Project Manager at Ytech);

  • Drinks: cider, wine, beer and sangria.

Beach or countryside?

  • You can visit incredibly beautiful beaches and warm water in the south of Portugal;
  • There are diverse landscapes and a panoply of activities you can do in Portugal, within a short distance of each other (mountain, beach, country or city);


In Portugal you can do multiple sports, be it water sports, like mountain sports, snow sports or sports fields. “Here I surf and I usually skateboard, I like it a lot!” (Vinicius Nunes, Front-End Developer at Ytech).



In case you don’t like to do sports, don’t worry, you can just watch, since every week you can find some competition going on or even follow clubs more closely at the national and international level, such as the Champions League.



What to visit in Portugal?

Main Monuments: Pena National Palace, Belem Tower, Jerónimos Monastery, Batalha Monastery, Óbidos Castle, Guimarães Castle, Alcobaça Monastery, etc;

Beaches: Nazaré Beach, Foz do Arelho, Portinho da Arrábida, Costa Vicentina and Costa Algarvia;

Snow: Serra da Estrela;

Motorbike and car: National Road 2 connects Portugal from north to south: it starts in Chaves and ends, 738 kilometres later, in Faro;

Regional Festivals: São João, Romaria de Nossa Senhora D’Agonia, Festa da Flor, Queima das Fitas, Festa de Santo António, Festa Sanjoaninas, Feiras Novas, Festa de nossa Senhora dos Remédios, etc.




Are we going to Portugal?

Motivation and courage filled you and are you able to change now? Apply here!

In the meantime, you can also find us on social media LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook, as well as an open group with vacancies on Telegram.